Zadana Food Import & Marketing Company was established in 2002 and it is considered as one of the largest and successful companies in the field of importing and marketing food products in Libya. Thanks to the team of the company that have high experience in marketing.

As a leading marketing company in Libya, we market over 20 international food brands , we aim to provide our customers with the best and the latest international companies in the food industry, such as cheeses, legumes, oils, tomato sauces and other high quality food.

Thanks to this diverse portfolio of brands, a deep understanding of business and customer needs, and our ability to provide integrated development plans at an ever-increasing pace, Zadana has become the ideal choice for those looking for a business partner. Local commercial and high-end shopping malls. We pay special attention to customer satisfaction and work hard to give customers a world-class shopping experience.

With our long experience in the region and our extensive knowledge of marketing assets, we have been able to achieve fast-growing performance through our smart marketing investment and excellence in brand management. Through our diligent work as a model for leading marketing companies and following best practices we continue to build long-term partnerships based on high professional foundations and profitable for partners.

Ain Zara, Tripoli, Libya
Tel: +218 92 789 5546
Tel: +218 91 926 5430

Misrata Branch
AL Sahili road, Misrata, Libya
Tel: +218 91 774 0950
Fax: +218 51 265 3011